List of Topics

Congress Theme: Holistic Care of Cochlear Implanted Children - A Step Closer 

The ESPCI 2019 will explore the following topics:

1.Basic Science in Deafness
2.Consensus in Audiological Criteria Across Europe
3.Personalized CI Surgery: Children With Complex Needs, Long Term Hearing Preservation, Single Side Deafness
4.Personalized Fitting: in Complex Children, Self Fitting in Teenagers, Fitting in Children with Poor Results
5.Rehabilitation/Education/Parents: Multilingual Families,  CI Centers and Networks of Professionals Around CI Children – Working with Families
6.Public Health/Societal/Psychological/ Quality of Life
7.Personalized Technology: New Coding Strategy, Electrical Stimulation, Driving Changes in Electrodes
8.Middle ear and bone anchored implants